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Evolutionary Theory Of Why People Get Acne

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Adolescent acne is considered from the perspective of evolutionary psychology with an emphasis on a role in mate choice. The fact that acne, which is almost universal and not a true infection, is (1) initiated at puberty by the action of pubertal hormones on likely distinct, pro-acne follices, and (2) typically resolves in one's early twenties when prefrontal cortex development is complete, suggests that the condition's timeframe is meaningful. Acne's conspicuous localization on the face, and its ability to elicit reflexive disgust and avoidance in observers, suggests a possible role in sexual selection. The pathophysiology of acne is reviewed, and the suggestion made that, far from being a disease, adolescent acne is a normal physiological process - a high-order psychoneuroimmune interaction - that functions to ward off potential mates until the afflicted individual is some years past the age of reproductive maturity, and thus emotionally, intellectually, and physically fit to be a parent.

This article is really interesting, could this mean

- Acne prevents us from being promiscuous since our hormones are out of control until maturity?

- Forces us to compensate in other ways in order to be successful in the dating scene? (confidence/personality/talent/status/etc)

- People with acne are actually more promiscuous/horny in nature due to hormones?

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maybe its supposed to work as a shield against pedobears? other than that i say bs bcs i also have reasons y i cant relate to this at all lol..

and why wouldnt ehm..all the sluts get the acne then?? besides there are many retarded ppl who also shouldnt breed, yet they have flawless skin!

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pretty sure that acne is just a malfunction of the inflammatory reaction in the body/malfunction of sebaceous glands. That's like saying that allergies developed so that people wouldn't go outside and get skin cancer. Highly unlikely. I think acne is like allergies -- a purposeless malfunction exacerbated by modern factors such as prolonged, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, diet, hormone imbalances, and to some extent genes.

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