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Jojoba Ocm

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I am wondering if anyone has any experience or advice about oil cleansing using only jojoba oil.

A little background about my skin:

I am 25 years old and my skin has never looked this bad in my entire life. I have always struggled with breakouts and red scars on my cheeks but it would only be a few spots in a smaller area (maybe the apples of my cheeks). Now, I have deep painful spots all over the entire surface of my cheeks and the scars left behind are large and bright red. Even when I look back at pictures of my "worst" acne days, it looks nothing like this.

This severe breakout started around last December and I have no idea why. I was using Cerave cleanser (for a long time at this point) and emu oil as moisturizer. For a while, I blamed the emu oil, but I did use it once in a while in the past without harm. Also, when I stopped using it for about a month and a half, the acne did not get any better whatsoever.

Now I have started using emu oil again twice a day mixed with tea tree and lavender oils after cleansing with cerave. I have seen a little improvement, in that the spots go away faster and tend to become flatter faster as well.

I am still paranoid that emu oil is making my skin worse, so I need to find another natural solution.

I do think I have dry skin because I get flaky easily and whenever I was on proactiv, was flaky and felt like sandpaper. Also, whenever I cleanse, my skin feels dry and tight. I never have super shiny spots on my face.

Has anyone with severe breakouts like me used jojoba ocm? Is there a way I can still incorporate lavender and tea tree oils into ocm?

Thank you in advance!

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I did not like jojoba oil.

I use grapeseed oil as an oil cleanse and/or makeup remover, and it works much better for me than jojoba oil ever did.

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