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Benzol Peroxide Destroyed My Skin Please Help

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So i was using a 10% benzol peroxide cream and suflo exfoliant soap for about a month and a half. At first the treatment cleared my skin right up with no horrendous side effects, but over time my skin became progressively more red and the peeling worsened to the point that it sometimes became almost purple. At this point i discontinued the treatment but still used the suflo soap, until i discontinued that as well.

However, the redness persisted even with no treatment and although it has lessened in the past 3 months it is still constantly red in the places that treatment was applied. The skin in these areas becomes flushed very easily and have small lines running through them when my face is contorted.

Will this condition go away? If so, how can i speed my recovery process? Answers are greatly appreciated.

Btw i surf and despite my diligent efforts to use sunscreen, i my have sustained some sunburns while using said treatment due to my skins extra sensitivity

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10% ? isnt the max thats allowed 3% ? this sites is only 2.5% thats like burning ur face off

try applying moisturiser and somekind of healing oil maybe, like seabuckthorn maybe (its also supposedly against redness), that wont break u out. id just try applying those in thin layer and just let skin heal on its own for some time and to restore cos it sounds like it hurts? :S after that maybe look into some regenerating serums, also look up copper peptides

as for salycic acid, i used the strongest one and it kind of worked but then skin get used to it nd it became useless.

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10% is too high and can definitely leave you with some persisting redness, although in no way permanent. I would use 2.5% twice a day, nothing higher than that. For now, it's best to consistently moisturize until the state of your skin improves.

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