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My Acne Story Of 7 Years And Acne.org Regimen

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Hi Guys,

Ok..This is my acne story. I'm a 27 year old girl who works as an IT Consultant. Since I was 16, I got one or two breakouts here and there when it was the time for my periods. But the real damage started in 2008. when I was at college. First i got one cystic acne on my forehead and then it just started spreading. It was worse on august 2008 and I got my first cause of microdox from a dermatologist (an antibiotic) for acne and Isotrexin and some other ointment. And that was the start of a long and a hard journey.

Since that day I have used almost all the ointments out there (isotrexin, erithromycin, steimycin, BP 5%, panoxil 5%, Cmycin) you name it, I had it. And they all worked for few months, until my face started resisting all of them. And then again i went to another dermatologist and he also gave me tetrcyclin. (which I didn't use because I had microdox for 8 months). This was in 2011. My face was covered in huge cystic acne and when i touch my face it hurt. I was even embarrassed to leave for work.

Then again back in 2011, I went to the first dermo and she put me on diane35. I used 3 packs of that. It actually cleared my face! But I gained a lot of weight, I had huge breasts and a fluffy face. And my periods became irregular.Then I stopped that also.

After that I stopped going for doctors and started getting facials. These were not regular facials. they cost me a fortune and i had to do it every 7 days time for 10 sessions. They extracted my long seated sebum from acne and cleaned my face. It actually did the trick for some time. This was back in 2012. But I had to discontinue it since I underwent a appendix surgery and those facials were a bit expensive.

Then again in 2013, I started using both Cmycin and BP 5% cream together, and I used neutrogina cleanser. Mind you, at this point I have also used many cleansers on my face. (Clean and clear, oriflame and body shop tea tree products, neutrogina, Olos) But that regimen somewhat cured my face, But again it was temporary.

I again went for the facials. This time once a month. And it controlled my acne to some level.

In 2014 march, I started doing laser treatments. I had 4 sessions and by the end of 4 sessions, my acne was gone. The therapists told me laser treatment is permanent. But trust me It's not! withing 2 weeks my acne was back. It anyway comes around the time of my menstruation.

Then I started using Oil free acne face wash by neutrogina and that was the only thing I used for a month. I saw acne.org regimen reviews online and on you tube and because of all the positive reviews, I thought if giving it a try. Besides, I have nothing to loose. Oh btw, my whole face was covered up in scars, and 2-3 cystic acne at that time.

I used the neutrogina cleanser until my regimen arrives. Also I'm on a non meat, non fish, non dairy diet since 18th may 2014. Because I read online that dairy increases acne. I'm allergic to meat and fish. I get rashes on my elbows and an echzema on my leg when i eat them. I also work out 3 times a week and try to sneak in a swim at night at least once a week if I have time. So basically, my life style is pretty much okay. I also take cod liver oil pills, and Iron and B complex pills in order to avoid vitamin and omega 3 deficiencies since I do not eat fish or meat. I drink green tea and lots of water. No sweetened drinks or soda for me. Oh and my fathers' family has this severe acne problem. My father had, my elder brother had.And some aunts also. So I believe it's in genetics as well.

Believe me or not, on the day that regimen arrived, my face was actually okay! It was glowing with zero acne. But then I was going to use acne,org regimen so I went ahead and started 2 weeks back.

1st week

It was okay. I didn't have any acne. My face was not dry. Everything was normal. Used only once a day.

2nd week

Using twice a week. My face is all itchy. And I get got 2 cystic acne which were not there before on my cheeks. And my forehead was pretty much clear for 2 years now. But there are two red bumps on the right hand side of the forehead. and it's itchy. I had a feeling the moisturizer breaks me out. And I think using it twice a day is too harsh for me. So I decided to use it only once at night. cleanser, BP and the moisturizer. In the morning, I thought of using my neutrogina cleanser to wash my face.

I'm a bit upset because my face was "okay" when I started the acne.org regimen. maybe it gets worse before it gets better. But it's a trial and error thing for all of us. each one of us are different. So what worked for Dan might not work for me. It's up to you to decide. So from today on wards, I'm only going to use the regimen at night and use neutrogina face wash in the morning.

I really hope this would solve my problem. Sometimes i feel like I'm cursed. 7 years now. And these are the best years of my life and when someone see me, the first thing they comment on is my face. I have had lots of achievements along the years and no one asks those from me. I have battled with acne, but i never let that bring me down. I did my studies well, got a great well paid job and to be honest, I'm a good looking person. But when someone sees me, all they see is my acne.

P.S - I'm sorry of there are any grammatical errors in this. My mother tongue is not English and hope you all will bare with that. rolleyes.gif

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