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Accutane Questions.

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I've started having acne since like 7th grade, and I just graduated high school still have acne. I've been on monocycline and tried other stuff. They just haven't worked for me. I really want to use accutane because it's worked for my friend that's white. I'm Asian, I really want to have a clear face like I use to back then. It's summer time in Austin, Texas where I live and it gets to the 100's out here. I heard that accutane and sun aren't a good combo. Should I wait till the fall or something to get accutane? I work at HEB (grocery store) and push carts out in the sun. I use face sunscreen that's dermatologist approved. Also I heard accutane is for cystic acne, but my acne is not that severe. It's just like large bumps that are like fluid filled.

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I've been on Accutane for about a month now and one day I was sitting in the shade with SPF 60 sunscreen on for about an hour and I got a sunburn. So I can definitely say that Accutane and the sun do not mix well! However, if you have slightly darker skin, it might not be as bad. I'm extremely pale, so that might be a factor.

With your job, it might be hard to be able to protect yourself from the sun. I have to wear long sleeve shirts and pants every day now to avoid getting a sunburn, and I have to wear a hat every time I go outside. As you can imagine, it gets extremely hot!

This doesn't mean you'll have the same problems as me, but it is something to consider.

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