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I'm 22 Years Old & This Is My First Time Experiencing Acne For Such A Long Time.

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So my story begins a couple of months ago, back in February, when I started noticing some chin pimples. They weren't excessive, but they were there. There would also be some white sebum plugs under the corner of my mouth, both sides. Overall, however, my skin looked decent.

My skin prior this has generally always been clear. A pimple here or there, maybe on the forehead or nose or my temples. Typically would adhere to the weather conditions it was dealing with and would react as so if I sweat or whatever. I hardly ever washed my face, I had never bothered to make a skin routine because 1. My skin didn't really ever break out to point where I felt I needed one. 2. My skin would become dry over almost ANYTHING I would use. Including cetaphil. 3. Washing my face would make my face break out.

So, back to when I noticed the chin pimples: I decided to try the oil cleansing method on which I saw recommended on CloudyApple's youtube channel. The mixture I did was 90% olive oil (Garlic from Trader Joe's, organic) and 10% pure organic castor oil. I did this mixture as I felt since my skin is very sensitive, I did not want to irritate it with too much castor oil as it can be a harsh astringent. I did this method for a week or two. At first my skin seemed as though it was healing & I was so excited. However, as time grew on I noticed I started getting some white sebum plugs only on my skin. Also in conjunction to method, I used avacado oil (organic) as a daily moisturizer.

I stopped using both at once, but now my skin had gotten worse, with more chin acne. So then I attempted to use Juice Beuaty's Cleanser to heal acne which also was 100% organic. It dried out my skin & created more acne for myself.

I started using the aztec healing clay, to a point which was almost every night for 15-20 minutes. Slight improvements, but I was scared I was drying my skin out too much, so I put it down to once a week.

Also, after using the aztec healing clay I would apply ponds cream to my face.

For a while after THAT, I was simply using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Facial Exfoliating scrub once in the morning when I showered.

Still my acne progressed.

In conjunction with that, I've been using Trader Joe's SPF 15 moisturizer in the morning before I applied my make up. I should also add, the addition of adding cover up to my face has only been this past month (June) as my acne has gotten much worse. The only cover up I use is Maybelline's Moose Foundation. That's it. No, I don't wash it off at night. Dumb on my part, I know.

As of recent when I found the Queen Helene product was not working, I started using cetaphil again in the morning & for once it didn't dry my skin.

Also months in between, I would attempt to exfoliate my skin with nutmeg & buttermilk or water & baking soda. All it did was make my skin feel smooth.

Clearly I understand I've put a lot of junk on my face in the past few months. My acne is HORRENDOUS, but it's there. As of this time I have a cluster of red bumps, some with peeling skin on the right side of my face. One is on my forehead, one on my nose. And a random two on my neck. And two on the left side of my cheek. And two conjoined together on the left side of my jawline. I don't know or understand what to do. I'm certain this is hormonal acne, as most of the acne that has been new & developed has always been around my chin & jawline. Yes, I pick and pop at some of them. I try not to. I just can't stand having this problem on my face when I've never suffered with this much acne at once in my entire life. I called a dermatologist & hope to make an appointment soon.

Also, I've been taking nature's bounty Omega-3 Fish Oil once a day. For two weeks thus far. I read on the bottle I'm supposed to take three so I will attempt to take 3 a day now. My diet is pretty decent. I mostly eat healthy. However I have been lacking in eating vegetables. I cook with olive oil and sesame oil a lot.

If you actually made it this far in my post, thank you so much. Please just if anyone has any advice. I have chosen now to stop putting ANYTHING on my face for at least a few weeks, maybe my skin needs to breathe. Other than that, I don't know what else to do.

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Welcome! I know how hard it is to be dealing with acne as I have been in an ongoing battle with it myself for the last 15 years. I suggest first off that you stick to a few products for at least 3 months before switching. These can include:

a cleanser


acne fighter (BP or SA)

As for diet, drop dairy for that time and maybe gluten and see what happens. Juice your veggies or go for green smoothies. Only time can tell if an acne regimen will work

Good Luck and stay patient.

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