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Just Got Prescribed 10 Mg Accutane. Few Questions

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  • mild acne
  • very oily
  • sensitive

I got prescribed 10 mg accutane today by my derm. She wants me to take 10mg a day. However, what I am seeking from accutane is relief from my oily skin. I'm sure 10mg a day will do that, but I also think that the dose is enough to cause a lot of the typical accutane side effects. I'm thinking I would be better of taking the micro-dose route and just taking 10mg twice a week. Any thoughts?

Thanks guys.

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The side effects will most likely be very minimal at 10mg. How much do you weigh?

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Depends on what your plan is. If your planning on taking it long term for oily skin then probably 10mg twice a week but its probably going to take a while to dry your skin out. Im not even sure if 10 mg twice a week is enough to combat that. Best bet is probably every day.

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Alright thanks for your opinion. I've been doing a lot of research about long term, low dose accutane. It seems a lot of people have great success in eliminating their oily skin/mild acne with 10mg or 20mg once or twice a week. I found many people who have been on those doses for years. I am wondering how they keep getting their refills? Is it safe to say those people are ordering online without scripts?

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Yeah thats the thing. I know in the US its heavily regulated and most derms dont do long term treatment. I think its more common in other countries though.

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