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Accutane & Perception Disorder.

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Hey guys,

Been battling acne for awhile, hate to have it, feel like I can't look at people, people can't take me serious ect. It's gotten worse recently, and even all over my forehead when usually my forehead is clear. Could possibly be because I've been up until 5 every night due to inability to sleep.

So I'm 18 now, took accutane at 16 and 17. Stopped at 2 months the first time because I was an idiot. Stopped at 2 months the second time well, because I woke up one day with depersonalization. It's a dissociation disorder that makes life seem like it is all just a dream and not real.

Now, this happened while I was on accutane, BUT I have also taken psychedelic drugs prior to this, the cause of the disorder I'm uncertain and don't care frankly.

I've learned to deal with it and it's getting better, I'll recover soon but my acne is still here. I'm going on a 6 month hike through the appalachian trail, from Maine to Georgia because of some inner healing I need to do (anxiety, self esteem issues) aswell as my love for adventure. After this, if my acne is not better, I'm considering taking accutane again and sticking with it no matter what. I can't live my life with this acne, it makes me want to not live life at all.

Thanks guys.

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Wow. Im very sorry to hear that :( i know how you feel. Sometimes it feels like theyre concentrating on all of my pimples and marks instead of just concentrating to "me" and i hate that kind of thing. It crushes my self esteem and i totally hate it, but on the otherhand.. while i am trying to achieve clearer skin, i have slowly.. and little by little accepting my flaws. I realize that, the only thing that people would more notice 'it' is when we're too conscious bout our skin. Its not an easy task to do. But it would make things better and happier for us.. there's still a lot of wonderful things to do in life, acne seems one to be one of our struggles but i promise you will get better. But please dont think "acne makes you not want to live at all". Cheer up sir!

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