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Proactiv Plus

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Hey everyone,

Just trying to get some feedback on Proactiv Plus. I have only been using the 3 step system for 3 days twice as day as directed. All the products feel very nice on my skin when applying. Unfortunately on day 3 yesterday after I put on all 3 steps my face felt very stiff and was very red and stung a little bit as well throughout the day. I have used benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid before so I know it is not an allergic reaction. I guess you could say I do have sensitive skin and I was also on a round of accutane 1 year ago.

So after 3 days most of my little whiteheads, which is my main problem, have cleared up and my face is smoother. Last night I only used the proactiv plus face wash and then just put my regular oil free moisturizer on before bed in hopes to calm the redness and dryness/stiffness, which did help. I plan on not using any of the proactiv products today and just wash with water and use my regular oil free moisturizer than attempt to restart proactiv plus tmrw and only use once a day and see what happens. I know redness and dryness are side effects and I'm hoping my skin is just adjusting and I will get over this hump. I don't want to stop using altogether because it is clearing my breakouts and it has only been 3 days, so I feel like it is too soon. Has anyone else had this experience with proactiv plus. Just trying to get some advice because I don't want to give up on this product as I know a few people that have tried it and had postive results.

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My son has been on PP for 5 months he had pretty severe acne all over his face and it got even worst when he first started using PP, his face was super inflamed and dry it was rough for the first 3 months, right now he is pretty clear he gets a pimple here and there his red scars have faded alot you can hardly see them.

My son has always used the 3 steps twice a day even when his face was like a tomato, you can try cutting it down since your acne doesn't sound that bad.

Don't give up on it I was ready to give up on it when I thought his acne wasn't responding but my son wanted to stay on it and give it more time so I agreed and the results have been amazing.

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Thank you for your response. I am on week 3 of proactiv plus. The redness has subsided significantly and it no longer feels like my face is on fire. I do see slow progress in my overall skin condition. I am still getting minor breakouts but I would imagine it is still bringing everything to the surface. My face does get dry if I use all 3 steps twice a day, so I either only use all 3 once a day or put an additional oil-free moisturizer on top of step 3. I am always too quick to give up on a product if I don't see immediate results so I'm going to continue using and hope it only gets better from here.

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