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In 2012 I had clear skin and I loved myself, I was confident and it wasn't hard for me to make friends. But for the last 2 years acne has been tormenting me. It's on my back, on my chest, on my face, and it makes me feel so ugly. I was a girl who could wear whatever I wanted, but now I wouldn't even look at a v neck or strapless shirt, the acne on my chest and back is too embarrasing. I hide it, I want to hide all my acne, I wear make up but I am so bad with make up.

I hate that we do live in a world where people who are deemed "attractive" get treated better. I feel like I can't even be close, face to face, with another person out of fear that they will judge me for my acne. I can't confide in anybody and it just sucks how I am starting to be angry with myself, with my body.. I hate the skin I'm in and I wish I didn't. My insecurities are causing me to damage my realtionships with friends and family, I am starting to hide away and avoid people. I barely survived high school my social anxiety, the fear of being judged because I have acne all over my face.

It is starting to not only physically be painful, the redness, the scars, but my mental health is affected too, and I've honestly had thoughts where I'd wish I could pour acid on my face because at least then the acne would be gone. I'm not suicidal, but I am starting to hate myself. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way, is there any adivce anyone could offer? How can I get over this depression and acne?

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I can relate (even the acid idea was something I've thought of before). For me it really helped to talk about it with friends and family. Yes they (probably) won't understand it completely since they aren't the ones who have to wake up with acne every day, but at least they will try to help you get through it.

If you feel terrible about it you can always try to wear make-up, it's a comforting thought that you can hide the acne until it's gone. (I do it too and I'm a guy, there's nothing wrong with it, especially not for a girl).

However here's one thing that helped me a bit:

just take a look at the galleries on this website. Some people will have worse skin than yours, some will have better, that's not important. I remember scrolling through those galleries and thinking "O hey, that's an attractive girl" or "Hey that guy looks great", regardless of their acne. The acne doesn't make you ugly, it's the sadness and low self esteem that are the real problems. We are our own worst critics, I told my friends about my acne and depression and all of them look genuinely confused and told me things like "yeah ok, you obviously have it, but it's not that bad, I don't even notice it anymore" (this was before I started covering it up btw).

One last thought:

think about someone you love, now imagine that person with acne, does it change your feelings towards that person? For me it didn't. The people who care about you won't stop caring because of some red bumps that will eventually go away. I've made an entire post about this ( ) trying to explain this, that entire post sounds very cheesy but it's not easy to express that feeling in a text.

Keep your head up and smile, f*ck acne, you are more than a walking skin, you're better than that :)

and remember, you are not alone :)

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