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Curious is my acne considered severe? I've had it for three years now. Nothing is more annoying, it started out as a pimple or two...gradually got worse and worse -_-


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Guest GetMeTheResults

inflammatory moderate acne

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I would considerate it moderate,since it is focused on a small zone and not on several parts/all around your face,but most of it seems to be cystic/painful nodules.

You can consider accutane (if you tried everything else),due to your age (you don't seem to be a teenager),how persistent it is and it seems to be spreading.

Try to start following a treatment because it may keep spreading,and it will become severe for sure by then.

Just an advise,good luck.

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You're actually quite 'lucky' that your acne doesn't cover your whole face. I would agree with the others and say it's inflamed moderate acne, but if it were to spread out all over the face then maybe it would be considered moderately severe.

If any of your family had similar acne to you which went away with age then I would maybe suggest some antibiotics to temporarily keep it under control until you hopefully grow out of it- accutane should be the very last treatment to consider.

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