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30Mg Claravis With 500Mg Cefadroxil 2X's A Day - Question - Started June 5Th

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Ok, so I started Accutane on June 5th. Prior to that I have tried everything unsuccessfully up until May 1st when I was put on a cepholasporin antibiotic called Cefadroxil in combination with Retin A which I had been on previously. Don't know which gave me the results I achieved but by the time I finally started accutane my skin was very much free of active spots. Anyway, my question is about healing. I am on DAY 14 and about 4 days ago burn the roof of my mouth while eating pizza. Since then the spot that burnt (did not blister) has remained smooth and an almost slimey texture. I still hurts and doesn't seem to be healing, is that normal? I've had other cuts and blemishes that popped and healed within the day but this mouth thing has remained and causing a good amount of pain. Has anyone else ever had this happen before?

BTW below are my results from a combination of Cefadroxil, Retin A (tretinoin), rosehip seed oil, aloe vera gel, vitamen E, tea tree oil and Accutane.


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So I guess no one ever replies to these posts? ok good to know guess I'll stop coming back here to check thanks a lot for the help.

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Guest GetMeTheResults

Ive never taken Accutane, but I'm wondering how did you make that combo:

Cefadroxil, Retin A (tretinoin), rosehip seed oil, aloe vera gel, vitamen E & tea tree oil?

Thanks :)

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The Cefadroxil and retin A is what i was prescribed by my dermatologist. I used the tretinoin every night but because it is very drying, i mixed with aloe and vitamin E since both are great for your skin and do not cause me skin irritation. The Rose Hip Seed oil was highly recommended by those that i follow on instagram. They all swore it is a life saver when it comes to hyperpigmentation. After using it for a month i would have to agree. I am now on Day 25 of accutane and Day 55 of Cefadroxil combined with my nightly routine of rose hip, aloe and vitamin E followed by tea tree oil for spot treatment. I have had amazing results and my face is no longer red and blotchy. My improvements have been much faster than those of others i follow who have started at the same time as me who do not use the same skin regime as me, ie no rosehip no tea tree no vitamin E. I also take a prenatal vitamin with 100% of the vitamim A in beta carotene form.





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