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Did Anybody Get A Cyst At Age 25/26

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I am age 25 and will be 26 in a number of months.

I am using medically prescribed benozyl peroxide and clinidmycine- Also known as Duac.

It works brilliantly for me for Achne, no problems since really. Some zits now and again.

Unfortunately in the last few months I got my first cyst.

It was a red mark on my cheek close to my nose and then it became a big lump, then a scar and then disapeared.


It came back 3 months later in the same place.

I put a band aid/plaster on it and it spread into a larger circular flat red mark.

It scabbed over and then became a red mark.

I am now using sudocreme at night to make the light red mark fade but it's been 2 months now and the light red mark is still there.

It's not as visible during the day but I don't want to buy Revitol scar cream to make it fade.

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Hi im 26..also experience those breakouts last when in was 25...its like the horrible experience i have ever had...i try alot of regimen..acne products..but that was really bad it made my skin irritated..that was my 1st time and i really feel hopeless..until i found this site..i read all about acne..but unfortunately those acne.org products aren't available here in Philippines..so i just try other alternative products like johnsons top to toe for my facial wash...benzac 2.5..as bp...then cetaphil moisturizer..and i follow yhe regimen..and yes it cleared me up..now my problem is those scars..i dont know what to do its not just red/dark spots..its really scars..and it so noticeable..i cant go to a beauty clinic because its too expensive and i cant afford it...

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