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Hi everyone. I'm a 29 year old male who has suffered with probably quite mild acne since I was a teen. Really I have long been out of the stage of getting large breakouts but still would get some spots from time to time. So you may ask why I'm coming onto a forum such as this?

Well I feel in the last year I have discovered something that really has improved my skin. So much so that now I barely even get a spot from time to time. Before I had to be so careful what I put on my skin, the tiniest amount of moisturiser could make me break out. This has led to me never wanting suncream on my face which has had its own negative effects on my skin. But that has changed now.

So I will stop beating around the bush. The simple thing I have added to my diet is herbal tea. I now drink it after every meal. Now I don't necessarily think it's the actual type of tea that has helped, I could possibly even just be drinking hot water. But since doing this my whole body works much better. I have always tackled acne with diet and exercise and always drinking huge amounts of water. But this never really got to the route of the problem. Without going into too much detail, even with a very healthy diet my digestive system has always been sluggish and I now believe this was having a huge effect on my skin.

So I drink peppermint and also ginger teas. Sometimes I even rest the cup on my stomach like a hot water bottle. Now I have none of the sluggish problems from before and I can even eat some of the things that I thought really affected my stomach and skin. I can now put almost anything on my face and no breakout occurs. I've even started using a bit of tinted moisturiser that I could never have used before (I am still self conscious about my skin even though it is now acne free) and suncream similarly has no negative effect.

So this might not be news to anyone but I wanted to post my experience somewhere in the hope that it might help someone. I know the effect acne can have on ones self confidence. I don't know if this might have the same effect with other people but it has had a marked effect with me, and it's cheap and harmless so worth a try right?! I have never believed more the link between digestion and skin. I think it is so important.

Feel free to ask me any more questions if this interests you.


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I've been drinking peppermint tea after dinner too! I've definitely noticed an improvement on my digestion - mine can be quite sluggish at times. I too believe in the link between a healthy digestive system and skin - when I had bad constipation (for about a year, was only going once a week if I was lucky, no medication or dietary changes seemed to help) my skin was definitely at its worst.

I like lemon & ginger tea in the mornings too :)

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