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Red Marks :( Please Help!

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I've been on the regimen for about 4 months now. It's cleared up most of my acne bumps. I get a few here and there and still have problems with white heads on my chin. But the red marks are what kill me inside every day. It is literally a full time job trying to keep them hidden under make up. I didn't get acne till about a year and a half ago. (I am 22 now) and it has been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I will not leave the house or even room without something covering my red marks. No one sees me without make up. And I mean NO ONE. I shower. Twice a day do the regimen and apply make up. I I'm alone at anytime I let my skin breathe. But that's the only time I will be without. I know it's sad a pathetic but I think I would die to have to go into public without it. So does anyone know a good treatment to get rid of the red marks??! I'll try anything! Diet, rub mud on my face, bug guts, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Please help,

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I'm in the same position although mine are all on one cluster so it's even worse... Red marks sadly just need time to heal. There are ways you can speed this up though!

Vitamins! - C, E, B5 and Zinc are all helpful for renewing skin cells and speeding up the process! Zinc gluconate is preferred. This can be via tablets or food in general, just look it up :) nuts and fruit seem to be the best route.

Epsom salt - I find this keeps any new spots from appearing, it also contains magnesium. Dilute this 1:1 with water or bathe in it.

Apple cider vinegar - this diluted and as a toner on specific spots seems to speed things up too!

La roche-posay ellaclar duo+ - this is a product that apply morning and night and seems to have good reviews, yet to receive mine but I can update you on how well it works, seems to be a time window of a month for them to fade.

Exercise! - half hour a day, jogging, sit ups.. Up to you. Best before shower in morning or before bed as you don't want to over wash!

CUT all sugar, crappy junk food and eat loads more fruit. Don't go crazy with it though ;)

All In all, don't stress and let time do it's thing, I know it's a pain in the ass but it could be worse! They could've been full on scars. Oh ye. Don't forgot sun cream even if it's not too sunny, UV rays will just make them worse.

Good luck!

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you can use retinoids to speed up the process as well as get chemical peels done but what always worked the fastest for me was IPL's which is just intense pulsed light. i would advise to wait until you are perfectly clear to do this but it does work because IPL gets down to the dermis. you need to get them done with multiple passes on each spot and its not cheap but it works.

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