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I went straight from Murad to Proactive Plus to The Regimen. Murad was ok, just wasn't getting the results I thought I should. Proactive plus was just a nightmare.

So I guess I did a stupid thing. Since my skin was already exposed to benzoyl peroxide, I used the Regimen treatment twice in stead of once a day. My skin is flaky, it stings a little. I tried skipping a day, then going back on and using it once a day for two days in a row, then back to two days.

My question is, should I keep applying two times a day now going into my 3rd week or should I start over and follow directions use once daily for a week then on the 2nd week use it twice?

I thought my skin was getting better but I got a few more underground painful zits. I'm at my wits end! I had terrible acne as a kid, inherited from both parents. Was put on Accutane and it worked. I am on the pill and cycling so I don't have a period every month and I messed up and missed a pill and had a period for a month and I don't know if it's what has caused the acne because it's Mainly the lower part of my face- my chin, around my mouth, crease of nose. I've never been 100% clear just had a FEW zits on my face at a time since Accutane and RetinA. These bumps hurt and are embarrassing. I have a couple pimples on my forehead but I typically would get one or two, nothing like this! I don't know if I qualify for a medical card until I apply Monday so I can't afford to see a dermatologist. My doctor won't prescribe me RetinA, Epiduo and all that because in the next few years I want to have a child but I could have the possibility of birth control failing and she doesn't want to give it to me. She gave me an antibiotic solution.

I just don't know what to do. Did I mess the regimen up? Does the regimen work for people who inherited it from both parents? How long should I give the regimen before giving up and adding it my list of fails? I am a highly stressed person due to my anxiety disorder, but I cannot remember a time in my adult life that my face has looked so bad, stress or no stress. I've tried random things over the counter to no avail, never got the results I expected or it burnt my skin and left me with blotchy red spots or chemical burns!

Then I hear all this stuff about Paula's Choice and now I'm wondering if I chose the wrong thing?! I just want less underground zits and my old skin back :(

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