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Rolling Scar Treatment... Any Help Appreciated.

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Hello everyone,

Last year, a huge cystic acne left a scar on my cheek. It is not extremely visible sometimes, but yet under certain lighting it makes me feel suicidal. It has like an oval shape, and I guess its not really shallow. For the year, I have tried so many topical products, and not to my surprise none of them worked.

So, I am about to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon to solve this issue of mine. I have done my research a little bit, and my options seem to be dermal filler, fat injection or subcision. I think for the moment, I wanna go for a dermal filler or fat injection, and leave subcision more like a last option if nothing works.

My question here is, does anyone have any experience/knowledge about dermal fillers on rolling scars? Do dermal filler injections work at all? (Some people say its useless for acne scars.) And what about fat injection? Also, is there any other treatment that you would recommend?

(ps. I am about to move abroad and well I just wanna make a new start with a prettier skin so I will reaally appreciate any help!)

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If the scar is just a divot with soft edges and missing volume, then a dermal filler should work. However, if the scar is tethered, meaning stuck to the deeper tissues like a button on a couch cushion, then subcision has to be performed to cut that. That will create a pocket for the filler to go into and prop the scar up to the level of the normal skin. If the scar is tethered, but not released with subcision, the filler has no where to go and will migrate to the sides, creating a "donut" effect, and making your scar look even deeper. Imagine a volcano with puffed up edges and a hole in the center.

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Hmm thank you! I think I got what you mean but I am not exactly sure about my scar, in terms of tethered vs divot. But I guess it is just divot, well I am hoping my doctor would able to tell.

Thanks again for the response!

Umm above I added a picture to show how it looks. Well, it does not seem as deep here + I have my make up on but under certain lighting, believe me it's bad! :/

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