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Help Please! Need Suggestions.

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I have been struggling with acne for as long as I can remember. I thought once I graduated high school that it would just kind of go away on its own. But here I am at 28 and still dealing with it. Its very frustrating and embarrassing. I really need some help on how to clear up my skin. I am completely clueless. I've been to dermatologists before and have done both microdermabrasion and laser treatments, but neither one really helped long term. So I'm looking for advice on what I can try on my own. My funds are very limited.

I have a really great diet. No processed foods. Lots of veggies and fruit. Barely any dairy. And I only drink water and some almond milk. I have also started exercising again.

I am really desperate so any help would really be appreciated!




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I'm 18 i was strugling with acne for 3 years,i was embaressed even to go to school, to go to a date, even to go market to buy some food, days , months, years of research i actually found the main causes of acne, so here some tips that may have help you :

I'm almost sure that u used 2786234876 kinds of expensive creams and other sh*t and nothing helps, do you know why nothing helps (actually it helps) but they clog your pores , your skin can't "breath" that's why all the bumps came up, i've made the same mistakes over years and years before i understand that. If you sweat, or work out you must IMMEDIATELY wash your skin. I don't say you to don't use anything , just use them localy only SMALL amount on the pimple and remove it maximum in 1 hour (i don't recommend that too but..) CHECK YOUR HORMONES TOO

It sounds too simple for your problem, i've used to think that way too.

JUST clean your face in the morning and before bed, use a god damn moisturizer for oil free skin, exofilate 1-2-3 times depending on your skin.

WHAT most helped me is the Paleo diet (low glycemic food index). Do these things if it doesnt help in 1-2 MAX 3 months, i'll cut my c*ck off and upload pictures.

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I wish i could suggest something that i thought would definitely help your acne but i'm still searching myself. Since you have made improvements with diet and no changes, why not try an elimination diet. I am going to be starting one with just fish, veggies, sweet potatoes and green juices/smoothie and journaling how my skin reacts. I just got off BP as it gave me eczema so you can imagine the inflammation I have. The Regimen from this site helped me tons UNTIL i developed eczema so that could help you. Though you may want to give the diet thing a hot just in case it does help.

I'm 30 and in the struggle with you sistah

Best of Luck

PM if you ever want to talk

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