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What I Have Learned About Acne Over The Last 8 Years

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I've had acne since I was 11. Just recently, about a month ago, my acne has cleared up and I do not have it anymore. I do not know what I did or why it stopped. I beleive that I have simply grown out of it. I used to use acne.org a lot when i had lots of acne which was really bad. I learned a lot about what causes acne more some people and what doesn't work to stop it. So I want to give you all some tips based on what I learned. First, benzoyl peroxide is not a long term solution and neither are antibiotics, although some of them worked. I have never used accutane. I found that the only thing that allowed me to control my acne when I had it was to not eat any sugar other than sugar from fruits. I did this diet for about 8 months and it worked very well to control my acne. Whenever I would have a sugary drink like starbucks, ice cream, cookies, etc I would get lots of pimples. The only thing that decreased these pimples was taking 30g of chelated zinc per day but this did not stop the acne. The only thing that stopped it was not eating sugar. I think is because of some biological processes that our bodies go through while we are teenagers that cause us to be more insulin sensitive. The high sugar intake somehow leads to clogged pores and acne. I'm not sure how but I know that this is what happened for me and a lot of other people. So if you guys want to try to control your acne without antibiotics or creams, try reducing your sugar intake and hopefully it will work. I don't think this works for everyone unfortunately but I think it will work for some of you, especially if you are teenagers with puberty acne. Please ask any questions you want as I really want to help you guys since I suffered from the same stupid skin problems for a really long time.

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I had acne for quite some time, and I used to use every type of face product out there, with a STRICT diet.

In the end, after trying all sorts of products, tablets, creams from the doctor.. I gave up and stopped trying.

Guess what happened when I gave up and ate what I want, didn't wash my face EVERY day... ? My acne cleared up.

The only thing I carried on using was moisturiser. I wish everyone knew this. The less you mess around with your face, the quicker it will heal.

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