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Is There Any 100 Percent Raw Foodists Hear That Healed There Acne Scars Or Acne?

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hi guys just wandering if anyone fixed there scars eating 100 percent raw? over a period of time what i mean by that is no cooked food.

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There have been

do you mind telling me who has especially for scars?

Don't know about any that healed any scars. Scars take years to fade as the layers of skin exfoliate away. Some say massage or the duct tape method separates the scar tissue and allows new collagen to form underneath and that can smooth them out some and speed up the process.

There have been many though that claim it's the one and only diet to clear acne. I can't name them because I ignored them as that is nonsense. Diets that are Low to moderate glycemic, nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory that doesn't include anything you have an intolerance for and address any special issue you might have such as PCOS or Hypothyroidism clear acne. You can do that all kinds of ways. Everyone should eat a good amount of raw foods thought.

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Hello I did try the raw food diet and my skin became realyy bad on my back , face and chest. This is mainly becuse I was eating a lot of histamine releasing foods such as tomatoes, spinach, aubergine, green tea,as wll as things I am intolerant to suchh as citrus and nuts

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