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Cysts On My Face, And Keloid Skin :( And Whiteheads :'(

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Hi everyone! I have 3 problems that I need help with !

1) Cyst on face: Image 1 , Image 2

In image 1, I have marked 4 spots. The spot 1 is a cyst that I have now for over 2 years. It isnt painful but its there and shows no sign of going away. At spot 2, i had a cyst like pimple, which popped and later on left this scar, which feels like a half sphere. It doesnt pain at all, but feels like a thick lump of skin. Spots 3 and 4 are pimples that have come up just a few days ago and they hurt a lot on touching. I fear they too will become huge cysts later on

The dermatologist says that we can have a surgery and remove it completely, but there is a problem that I am also having keloid skin. So the scar may later on keep on forming big layers of skin which would look uglier than ever.

The doctor also says that while shaving, the peeling of skin might also cause problems. What should i do then? Is there any cream that i could use for shaving that doesnt require razors?

2) A year ago I had got a small cut on my shoulder, and after the skin healed, there is lump of skin at that spot, which the doctor said to me is due to keloid. This is how it looks. Shoulder

The blackish skin around it just a birth mark

3) Recently few months ago these whiteheads popped out of nowhere on my right forearm. The doctor says that it is some sort of a virus and I need to get a skin test done. Another doc advised me to do nothing or else it might get worse and told me to apply an ointment

Here's one more pic of the same. Forearm

The cysts on my face are bothering me a lot since 2 years and have even let to depressions at times. I have tried a lot of stuff and nothing seems to work. As of now, I am doing these

1). I take facial steam almost once every 2 days, because thats the only thing that gives me any sort of (mental) relief.

2). I am applying candiderma ointment for problem 1 and 3.

3). I am a sports loving person and jog almost everyday 5 km. Once doctor told me to wash my face as soon as i am done running. Does the sweat cause any trouble?

4). I am thinking of learning swimming as well. Will that cause any trouble?

5). I am thinking of changing my diet and eating only fruits and vegetables on few occasions. I will completely stop with nonveg as i think that might be causing problems. I also occasionally drink alcohol, that also might be causing trouble, right?

Please suggest me what I should do, these problems are affecting me personally, socially and professionally as well . Someone help please!

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so hard to say, for me alcohol is not an issue, swimming is GREAT- sweat is a problem when I exercise so I shower right after and put on clean clothes

for me with cystic acne, accutane didn't work so I journaled everything I ate for months and then eliminated wheat/gluten and dairy... I don't eat a lot of junk food, very little processed foods, and not a lot of sugar mostly in the form of dark chocolate

I have two keloids on my shoulders that have plagued me for years...I do a series of steriod injections and they flatten for a while then come back, ugh but they are smaller

and the cysts that won't go away, yep, I've had them excised and had no problems with keloids after on my face, but that is a roll of the dice

good luck to you, it does make you crazy, but approach it systemically, keep a journal but do try to eat better if you aren't, and avoid processed foods if you can

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Hey many thanks for helping out!

Just wanted to ask, by dairy products you mean also milk? I drink milk atleast one glass a day, and yea to add to that I drink at least 2 cups of tea everyday.

After reading a lot on the internet on how milk et al causes cystic acne, I am thinking of avoiding it for a few weeks.

So whatever applies to plain milk, is that even true for tea? We usually have tea with milk in it !

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yes for me no milk, no ice cream, no cheese...I use a blended almond/coconut milk that is pretty good, Almond Breeze, even in my tea

so do try it, completely dairy free for a month, if it makes no difference then good for you, not an issue, but I bet you find it makes some difference- milk causes inflammation......google anti inflammatory foods, and focus on those too

I LOVE coconut, so you can get coconut yogurt, ice cream, milk, etc....the possibilities are endless

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