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Obsessed About Acne? - Read This!

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If you spend a lot of energy focusing on flaws like acne or acne scars, this post is meant for you.

I've never written anything like this, but I feel like it have to share my experience so that someone else might find a shortcut out of the pain they are going thought.

I have had acne since I was 14 years old, and I'm now 20. I'm the beginning I did more care much, just like any self conscious teenager. But with time I became more and more fixated on this. During periods with little acne I was happy. During times with big outbreaks I was in complete misery.

Last fall it reached is high point. I was so fixated that I spent almost all my daily energy thinking about my acne scars any spots. I knew no-one would ever care about them. Yet I felt flawed and broken. Also unrepairable, because acne goes away, not these scars.

When you feel like I did and search for help most of you have surely got the answer: "it's fixable". People talking like it's something wrong with you because you do not have a perfect skin. Telling you that eating a certain medication will make you happy. Certain foods. Or that a laser will fix you till your perfect. When I recently went back reading sites that I read while I was fixated, many almost sound like a cult. I'm sure you've all read things like "Have disgusting acne marks in your face? This will help you get beautiful skin in no time!"

This is consumerism bullcrap. They create a problem with you, and then offer you a fix. Acne is not disgusting, scars doesn't ruin appearance.

I probably can't convince you this, I could not even convince myself. I'm aware of the feeling that getting away the acne would make you happy, but the truth is, accepting yourself like you are, and focusing on more important things in life is the only thing that will make you happy. If you get rid of acne, your world view will still be that having a perfect complexion is the only way to be happy. People live happily with burndamages in their entire face, of course we with only red spots can do the same. Instead of fixing the thing that might seem like the problem in media, take care of the real problem, how you feel inside.

I'm not fully recovered, but I've went to a therapist and hearing my own thoughts coming out of my mouth, I'm realizing that that the skin "flaws" is an imaginary problem, and that a change of mindset is the only solution to relief the pain, this realization has helped me a lot.

Main point of this post. If you right now are siting reading post how to fix yourself, turn of the computer, go outside and try to feel life around you! In the end, we're all imperfect, confused and just trying to live life.

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