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Vitex And Cancer

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I'm a long time reader of this forum and have had some form of acne since I was 13. I am now 23 and still looking for a solution. I've tried antibiotics, BCP (which I believe has done the worst damage) and an endless number of topical products. I am pretty certain I have hormonal acne, with possibility of a gluten intolerance. I have experimented with the holistic approach for a few years now, cutting dairy and gluten, taking omega 3, evening primrose oil, vitamin b complex as well as liver cleansing tinctures such as milk thistle and dandelion root. I definitely think these help inflammation but I still get persistent moderate acne on my cheeks, chin and jawline (indicative of a hormonal problem).

So I am considering trying DIM, saw palmetto and maybe vitex. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and I believe her mother had a female cancer too (we're Chinese and my mum doesn't know the english name but I reckon it was ovarian cancer). So what I wanted to ask is, is it still safe to take vitex?? If not, are there any other safe natural methods to balance hormones??


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Avoid high glycemic impacting diet habits & added sugar.

Eat mostly nutrient dense foods especially plant foods, herbs, spices and teas that aren't seeds. Especially those known cancer fighters like broccoli, garlic, etc. Lots of antioxidants.

Do intermittent fasting and exercise in a fasted state to promote recycling of old tissues.

If you consume dairy at all, make it a fermented product and consider it a condiment, not a food group.

Get some vitamin D from the sun.

Keep as natural as possible circadian cycle ( limit artificial light in evening, especially blue LED light, sleep well at night, get up in the morning and out into the light indoor office light isn't enough).

Move around as much as possible during the day, everyday.

Do stress releaving exercise, meditation or whatever works for you.

Try lymph massage and/or exercise without a super support bra. Lymph needs movement to flow, one of the reasons we need to not be sitting around all day. And there are those that claim bras cause cancer by keeping the breasts from moving.

Boost Natural Killer cells with anything that boosts production of other white blood cells - C, Green tea, E, zinc, garlic, selenium... Beta carotene, glyconutrients, mushrooms, Laughter, hugs and anything else that produces feel good endorphins. More on this here about the immune system:

This is all good for acne, slowing aging, and any other chronic health condition you might be developing.

I would avoid mammagram radiation in favor of harmless thermography which can catch things earlier and better scan the armpit area where cancers often occur. But, if you find something, rather than panic, keep doing periodic thermography scans to watch what happens. Most will go away. Especially if you step up the diet by cutting out the cancer boosting sugar and dairy and eat more foods that help your body fight it off.

(I know I'm not using many proper terms or naming many specifics here, they haven't really made it into my vocabulary yet, I'd have to stop every few seconds and look something up. But I have read plenty and posted some about this. And you see studies about cancer fighting foods constantly.)

Also, while cancer isn't really a big concern for me, I've been hearing for decades about how mammogram is a lousy test for breast cancer. Misses a lot and prone to false positives. And I haven't been looking. These are things I've seen in the nightly or am news shows over the decades. Which is why I was amazed at the backlash against that recent recommendation to delay and have fewer mammographies. And the backlash against thermography. I've read a few arguments by doctors in favor of mammography and it seemed clear to me that harmless, painless thermography should be the early detection and monitoring tool. Mammogram reserved for when it's clear it's getting worse, not better and surgery might be called for. And what thermography detects is the heat from tumors redirecting blood flow to hog the nutrients. (Seems like they could do something to stop that process then, similar to all the vein surgery. I'm sure removing veins is less risky than removing arteries, but I'd think they could do it. )

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