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If you have acne on either side of your chin or lower mouth then please read this - It may not be hormonal acne after all!

For the past couple of years, I have struggled with (what I thought was) horrible hormonal acne below my mouth, on either side of my chin. It would sometimes go through phases of being more/less fierce, but was usually very prominent. The 'acne' consisted of several lumps/pustules, some of which were pussy and some of which weren't, but it was frequently itchy and painful. I went to the doctor about it several times, and was prescribed an array of drugs (from contraceptive pills to antibiotics) and creams. I tried tinctures and herbal teas. I trialled every face mask under the sun, and changed my diet completely. I went through a phase of only drinking bottled mineral water, a phase of refusing to eat dairy, and spent days trawling through acne forums looking for a cure. I went to beauty spas and dermatologist after dermatologist, yet absolutely nothing worked.

Then, one day, I came across an article about fluoride allergies, and the effect fluoride can have on skin. I began to look into it more, and realised that the symptoms of fluoride allergies matched my own symptoms almost exactly - apparently fluoride allergies cause what it known as 'perioral dermatitis'. And what is fluoride most prevalent in? TOOTHPASTE. I had previously had many similar revolutionary ideas and epiphanies, but the concept of a possible fluoride allergy being the root of all my skin troubles excited me, as I had, the previous year, been prescribed a special high-fluoride toothpaste known as Duraphat, which contained about 5x the amount of fluoride as an average tube of Colgate.

Yep, so I went through another phase - I cut out toothpaste. Rather, I cut out fluoride toothpaste. I went to Holland & Barrett and invested in some fluoride-free toothpaste. And you know what? IT WORKED!!!

It took about a month or two for things to clear up, but I was amazed by the fact that it did, and I was amazed by the fact that something which had caused me so much pain and torment and embarrassment was so easily fixed. Of course, I was left with scars/red dots (which I still have, and which apparently fade over time), but other than that, I was pustule free. I honestly cannot even describe the feeling of finally understanding what the problem was, and being able to fix it.

So, I really really urge you to give this a go - your hormonal acne may not be acne at all! I have since noticed so many people with the same problem I had, and I have been so desperate to approach them and tell them how easily they can fix it. Of course, this isn't 100% guaranteed, but I honestly believe that if you try cutting out fluoride you will definitely see a huge improvement in your skin and your 'hormonal acne' will clear up. I am amazed at how few people (including doctors and dentists) are aware of this.

Even if you are doubtful, please PLEASE give this a go, because it has absolutely changed my life.

Best of luck and please let me know how you get on!!!

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Rosamay - it took me about a year of research on my own but I finally found that fluoride was the source of my acne as well. Cutting out toothpaste made a huge difference, but it seems the fluoride in the tap water is an issue as well. I've had to install a reverse osmosis filter in my kitchen and avoid items like pasta and rice in restaurants, even fountain sodas. Anything that is boiled in tap water also caused the acne/rash. In my research, I discovered that boiling the tap water only concentrates the flouride. Even herbal tea contains fluoride!

At least we finally figured out the problem. I believe that my allergy was triggered by a toothpaste change. One of the biggest clues was that I noticed my acne cleared up when I traveled to Utah and Hawaii and returned when I got back to California. Neither of those states contain fluoride in their tap water.

And you are right...doctors are not aware of this connection.

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