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Cysts For 3 Months, Finally Healing. (Pictures) Pmd? Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Okay so about 3 months ago, I switched from my regular makeup to Bare Minerals. BOOM cysts formed in clusters on my right cheek. Guess I'm allergic to the bismuth. They were very Hard and deep, and I still have a few left. Lucky me. Anyways, they left behind lots of REALLY red and purple marks, I know this is the beginning of them starting to heal but, what will help speed up this process? This is the reddest my hyperpigmentation from acne has ever been. I read that apple cider vinegar could help speed up the process? I also purchased a PMD. What are your experiences with these products and hyperpigmentation?! Please reply I'm desperate, my self esteem has been horrible and I cry so much after looking in the mirror. ): I want these to fade fast. Please help!

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You are actually fortunate that you have red and purple marks rather than actual scars which are indented.

Your marks will fade over time on their own (usually 6 months or so). Make sure you wear sunscreen every day if you are outside as a sunburn or tanning can delay their healing.

My daughter had hyperpigmentation like yours and tried using acv and didn't really find much improvement. I am not familiar with pmd so I can't comment on that.

Anything which exfoliates and encourages cell turnover can speed up the process and help. After 3 months her marks are 99% gone. What worked for her was using the Regimen AHA(glycolic acid) as her moisturizer in the morning and applying Tazorac in the evening (prescribed by her dermatologist).

If you prefer to go the natural route I heard of people getting good results from masks using yogurt(plain), honey(manuka honey) and turmeric.

Good luck.

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