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Help Me Get My Skin Perfect!

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overall my skin is okay

however my goals is perfection....


everything I do has to be done by myself....

that being said.......

I have some skin issues id like to address......

1. one small crater scar on my forehead (about as thick as half a penny deep, and as wide as wide the butt end of a q-tip)

2. wrinkiling (I have a wrinkle going across my forehead, as well as one inbetween my eyes)

3. one red scar (I removed a small unraised mole from my nose using apple cider vinegar, however, I was too eager and I picked the scab and it has left a small scar that hasn't gone away)

4. moles (I have several small flat unraised moles on my body I would like to get rid of)

I have recently gotten into skin care.. The products I have so far are...............

1. dermaroller (1.00mm)

2. retin ol .1% vitamin A cream

3. TCA 30%, TCA 50%, TCA 80%

My goals are....

no crater, no red scar, no moles (get rid of my moles and have no scarring afterword obviously), and no wrinklesss!!

how do I resolve all of these skin issues that I have just listed??? I do not know how to properly use the products that I own at all or what regimne would be best for the solutions I want...........

Do I even have the right products?? what do I need to succeed with perfect skin and how should I apply the products??

also I do use rogaine on my hair, this has been shown to decrease skin collagennn..

any advice from skin gurus to a total newb on how to get perfect skin would be greatly appreciated!

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There is no such thing as a perfect person.....once you fix it all you will find something else that's wrong with you .

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