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Acne Scars? Scarred Pores? Scarred Texture?

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Hi everybody,

For a good period of time I have struggled with some skin issues. While I think I have the acne under control I still struggle with hyper pigmentation and bad texture. One of my biggest issues is a small

Part of my face, near my t zone. I've had this for about a year now and whole I think it's getting better sometimes I think id just be lying to myself. I really cannot pinpoint what it is. Scarred pores? Enlarged pores? Scars? I've tried waiting it out, I've tried aha, some minor peels, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I'm loosing hope. I included a picture with makeup since it's easier for you too see the damage with makeup on since it tends to accentuate it more. Please can anyone offer some insight on what I'm dealing with so I can appropriately treat it? Is fraxle my last hope?post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.post-381073-0-33889300-1399762954_thumb.


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For some reason the pictures were extremely blurry until i clicked on them.

It looks a bit more like sun damage/aging rather than exclusively scars. It may be a combination of enlarged pores and bad skin texture due to a source other than acne.

Three things it could potentially be:

1- Are you using an acne treatment still? Such as benzoyl peroxide? Many acne treatments can give skin a different texture although it usually subsides after a while off the treatment.

2- Are you in the sun a lot?

3- What age are you?

Any of the above in combination with scarring can give a rougher sort of texture.

That said, what you have looks to be very minimal. I doubt anybody could see it unless they were as close to your face as that camera picture is (a few inches?).

I'm unsure of what the best treatment for this is, so i'll leave that to somebody else to call on.

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