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Paper Towel Vs Face Towel

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A while ago my friend suggested for me to use paper towels to pat dry my face instead of a face towel which i'd wash twice every week. I've been doing this for around a month but... is it really better and more hygienic? I'm not sure what quality controls factories have in terms of producing paper towels but I doubt that they keep everything EXTREMELY clean.

What do you guys think?

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I almost never use paper towels to notice a difference, if there is one. I don't know if it helps but what i think is that ironing the face towel must be way better than paper in terms of bacteria.

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interesting, I would think organic non bleached paper towels might be better

of course if you change your towel frequently, and wash with dye and fragrance free detergent that helps too...so it's more about your hygine with the towels than the towel itself

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I bought a cheap pack of wash cloths from target and change my washcloth everytime I was my face. I just don't want to take the chance of any bacteria growing on the very wet surface.

Fortunately my boyfriend doesn't laugh (too hard) at me. :)

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I keep paper towels in the bathroom for those days when I turn around with a wet face and realize either that it's been a few days since I changed that towel, or my kid has decided to wipe his hands all over it after eating something messy. I could walk 5 feet down the hall and get a new towel, but I am too lazy! I also use them when I run out of those little cotton circles or q-tips, which I use for almost everything else in life.

I don't really like the feeling of wet paper towels on my face, so I don't think I'd ever switch to using them all the time. It's certainly unlikely to have a major effect on acne.

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