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Bare Minerals New Liquid Foundation

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Has anyone tried the new bare minerals foundation, BareSkin? I checked out the ingredients and it seems to be pretty good for acne prone skin, although some reviews say it might be a bit too oily. Anyone tried this one?

I'm getting a sample this weekend to see how it looks.

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Please let me know how you like the foundation, Ive been reading mixed reviews on it. From what I have read it says you have to use their Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush or the foundation will look streaky and that its super sheer so it doesn't do much to cover large pores or acne scars. Im really hoping to try it out myself and see :)

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i know that they advertise it as a "complexion corrector" instead of a foundation. that may be way its so sheer. I had gotten a sample a month ago and never tried it because it looked so tiny and thought i wouldn't even be able to tell how it looked. maybe I'll try it now. let me know how you like it!

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Ok, here's my update after a week of using the BareSkin foundation.


-minimizes pores after about an hour or so of using it (sinks into the skin)

-does a decent job at controlling oil, but I still get shiny halfway through the day

-doesn't accentuate flaws

-it kind of sinks into scars to minimize their appearance

- looks better after a few hours of wearing it, not right away

- did not break me out. I think my skin looks brighter actually, although I did get a few little bumps under my skin so perhaps it is a bit clogging

-buildable coverage, but it's better to use a concealer underneath if you have redness


- it looks too powdery once it dries

- if you set it with a power, it's like putting powder on top of powder = not a good look

- can look streaky until it dries...takes too long to fully set in, so you have to be careful not to touch your face too much before it fully dries otherwise it rubs off

- I can't figure out the best way to apply it....it doesn't fully work with primer, and doesn't fully look good without it.

Overall, this is a decent foundation, but it's definitely not the best in terms of how it looks on the skin. On the plus side, it will probably not break you out.


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