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I am 47 and have been suffering from acne since I was a teenager !!!! I have tried e very single acne medication on the market and by phone order, I also have tried every single topical from my dermatologist and nothing worked !! I was so ashamed I wouldn't leave the house, call into work sick etc.. It was bad :(

I tried a simple solution that a friend of mine told me she uses, she guaranteed me it would work.. I laughed and said ok..I tried everything else so why not this. I did and it worked !!!!!!

Get yourself a facial scrub that cleans out your pores, I use one from Neutrogena. Then buy a pump of anti bacteria hand soap !!!! Wash your face with the scrub to clean out your pores then apply the anti bacteria soap to your face, leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse.. I find this works best when you take a shower because you can leave it on while you wash up and then when you are about to jump out rinse it off :).. When I get out of the shower I apply an acne medication from Neutrogena and a facial moisturizer... My face is CLEAR :) and I haven't had break outs since I started it a year ago...

I have told as many people as I can about this little remedy and those who have tried it have gotten amazing results and have passed it on to others.

I know how it feels to be ashamed of acne and I hope that this will help you to.. :) For just a couple of dollars, instead of hundreds of dollars, it is worth the try...

Give it at least 2 or 3 weeks of daily using and you will see a difference...

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So its OK to use hand soap for the face?? What about irritation and dryness? Can you upload before and after pics ? Also the products your using

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Hey, thanks for the great tips! What moisturizer are you using? Do you think the same thing would work for body acne?

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