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For Women: Will A Hysterectomy Cure My Acne?

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my acne is now controlled because i took accutane since october 2012 to june 2013. but 5 months off of it, my acne came back. though it's not severe anymore, i would really like to get a clear skin once and for all. i was given accutane because i have hormonal imbalance and i was wondering if i had a surgical procedure done-- hysterectomy, will my hormonal imbalance go away and end my acne suffering once and for all?? i'm really desperate right now. i'm so tired of battling acne for 10 years now. i've really had enough. i don't know much about hysterectomy it's just that my mom had that surgery done because she had ovarian cysts and ever since, she's not having any period anymore. so i was wondering if i also get that procedure, then i won't get pms which causes my face to flare up with acne. so any ideas about this?? i haven't asked any doctors about this

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To begin with, doctors would NEVER do that procedure to clear acne. If they did, you would never be able to have children of your own. Without female hormones, your libido will be at free fall, even if you wanted intimate relationships it wouldn't be the best of experiences due to vaginal dryness - unless you use topical creams. Your skin will become thinner and look old, not to mention heart disease increased risk, osteoporosis and actually i think that the sudden hormonal imbalance could cause acne on its own.

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