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Ive had acne since 6th grade. It was mild but then worsened over the years. Im 18 now and get pretty much only whiteheads, the worst kind Dx especially on my chin and mouth Area. I get some on my cheeks too and because of tht i have quite a few red marks :( i tried lots of chemical washes n stuff and even minocycline which did in fact work but i didnt want to be on tht pill forever so i got off. as of april 17 ive been drinking about 2 capfuls of braggs organic ACV. It has clearly improved my skin, especially my forehead. My cheeks look a lot clearer too. But i DID get new acne once i started drinking it. And actually i still am. I feel like its not tht bad tho and i still feel my skin is improving after 2 and a half weeks. About a week ago i ditched my clean and clear facewash and now my skin looks better. No more chemicals for me! So in the morning i wash with water and then put moisturizer and dab some acv on Zits.At night i wash with water and cover my face in acv and sleep with it on. I really do think my skin is getting better Even though i HAVE had new pimples appear. Did u get new zits after taking this? Is it normal? Does acv also work well for acne marks? Also wht kind of exfoliate should i use cuz i feel water is too weak. Thanks and ill make a note of my avc progress in a week : )

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I've been using ACV for two weeks now, after i heard great reviews from a YouTube blogger. I'd say it didn't make my acne disappear; it was a waste of time drinking it, but it at least helped my digestive system and my nails arent that brittle anymore ( it has something to do with low stomach acid .. ). I like ACV as a spot tretment, but it's too drying to be a toner, i think.

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When I would use it as a toner, I feel like I typically always got milder small zits from it. I have been taking it internally for a bit, and I am kind of noticing the same thing. I have heard that it causes purging, so maybe thats what it is

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It is probably working for you since you notice improvement. Skin is reacting to anything new in your body, or even topical, so your breaking up proves that the acv is actually doing smth! Its totally natural, so keep up with it. I use it on spots as a toner. It is contsining a kind of glycolic acid, which help in fading scars.

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