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Rapidly Breaking Out Help Please :(

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For the past 8 months or so, my acne really cleared up and I've had pretty clear skin. I attributed it to largely to the vitamins I had started taking. All of a sudden, my face has started breaking out frankly a startling speed. I woke up with 4 zits on saturday and about every 4-6 hours there's a new one forming. What the hell is going on!? Is it just my crazy teenage hormones (I'm 16 and a half)? I should add that I'm no stranger to acne: my face has had month long episodes and will be clear for about 3/4's of the year. Over the past three years I've noticed a bizarre pattern...my face will start breaking out some time in May and subside in September. I have no idea if this is a coincidence but it has been happening for the past two years, and this year would mark the third. Any explanations please?!

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It's probably hormonal. Also do you do a lot of stuff outside? Sports, run,etc?

Not a ton, but I enjoy sitting outside a lot

Do you have any increased stress during this period or play sports during this time?

Right now is very stressful for me but the fact that it started for me on Saturday when I wasn't stressed makes me think it's not stress related. Well, that and the fact that it's happened this time of year before

Where do you live? If it's winter maybe a d3 deficiency? There's plenty of people that have had great success with it.

I live in Connecticut. I've been taking 4000iu of D3 daily since last August so it can't be that. I also know I have seasonal allergies, but only to one type of tree and an antihistamine takes care of it
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