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Red Marks, First Thing To Try?

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I have had acne for around 8 years, generally i'd consider it moderate, occasionally it got worse or better and i used DUAC to control it. I never committed to a proper treatment plan until lately and have gone on 100mg doxy plus duac and diferin gel.

Anyway, the acne is now clearing up and i have only mild scarring, most of which i hope will fade. After that i might see a dermatologist for a peel or laser on the NHS (i'm in the uk).

I do however, have a load of post acne red marks, which are pretty bad. I know these generally fad over time but i'd like to get rid of them quickly and i'm looking for recommendations on what to try first - i know there are loads of treatment. AT the moment i am still using the duac and diferin to keep the acne away and i know the differin helps speed up the fading of red marks. I am also using a 2% salicylic acid tonner, which will hopefully help fade them too.

What else should i do? Should i try an AHA cream and if so which one? I've also thought about microdermabrasion and mild peels.

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IPL works the fastest for red marks but you need to have multiple passes done on each spot. a few sessions and they should be gone. if you do inquire about it make sure you tell them what meds you are taking as well as what you are using on your face.

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so should i consult my gp and ask for a derma referral to see about laser treatments? Or would i be as well giving them a few months and using an AHA/BHA cream in the mean time?

I was going to buy the skin doctor resurfacing cream, has anyone tried it?

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Not sure how they do it there but i go to a medical spa to get it done. I havent found a derm that does it. Call around and ask but no insurance here in the states takes it. Ipl is not laser either. Its easy they just zap the spots and nothing else.

I use an aha toner daily i never noticed it helping with the red marks but years ago i did glycolic acid peels at 30-40% with good success but the ipls are faster.

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You can go the natural way. A snail cream and a face mask with turmeric and yoghurt are doing great. I have also seen good results with the fade out creams, morning and night.

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