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Scalp Pimples, After Accutane?

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Hello guys,

I took accutane 40mg/day, for 7 months. I have been off it for a bout 2 and a half months, while my face remains clear, I recently started getting pimples in my scalp that hurt alot. Something similar happened the first time i was on doxycicline for 5 months right after stopping that within 2 weeks i got my scalp and face full of pimples, This is similar but to a lesser degree and its not on my face for now...

Has anyone experienced this before? Does it go away?

Thank you,

PS> The first time it happened i treated it with Neutrogena T gel. Im doing the same,

but i dont know why it feels different.

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have you had any luck with treatments? i am experiencing the same thing after being on accutane for 6 months, cleared up almost all of my acne but now am getting the same described painful scalp pimples. I have been off for about 4 months now, it started about a month ago and i cant put a finger as to what caused this. My girlfriend recommended using baby shampo so i started only using that. after two weeks it almost completely cleared. this last week they started to come back again. I am going to stick to the babyshampoo and will keep you updated as it seemed to work really well. i recently got a haircut ( really short) and i think that set it off again. try the babyshampoo for a couple weeks, hope this helps.

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I've never had this and haven't been on accutane, but it may be worth a shot to try dandruff shampoo? Talk to your derm too.

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I was on accutane for 6 months. I have been completely clear (face and body) for the most part for 2 plus years but, I have recurring scalp acne. It's large and the painful cystic type. Anyone have any success treating this? I know this is an old thread but I wanted to bump it.

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