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Absorica Substitute

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"ABSORICA is therefore not interchangeable with generic products of Accutane".

So is Absorica not a suitable substitute for generic Accutane?

I was thinking of asking my dermatalogist to change my prescription from accutane to absorica.

It does say "Absorica is NOT Substitutable with other forms of isotretinoin"

But I thought Absorica has the same ingredient isotretinoin...

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It's not interchangeable because the delivery vehicle is different. Ergo, if a doctor prescribes it, they are prescribing something different than generic isotretinoin, so the pharmacy can't just go and give the patient a generic.

For example, say a doctor prescribes Absorica because the patient is for some reason medically unable to eat large quantities of fat with their meals. Then, the pharmacy goes and gives them a generic. Then the patient has absorption issues because they were given the wrong meds. That's not cool.

Really what the label means is that the makers of Absorica have a patent on their special formula, and they want to ensure they get ALL THEIR MONEY! It is isotretinoin. It is actually supposed to be better than generic brands, and that is why you cannot interchange them. Not because the isotretinoin is any different, because the solution they have it in is.

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OoO. The "not interchangeable" is in reference to the generic brand does not have the same absorption quality than the absorica. Therefore, it is just making a difference in regard to the generic brand lacks a quality that absorica have and specify so pharmacist will not toss a generic brand at patients. Not that they cannot change or substitute generic brand to absorica, is more of a cannot interchange absorica with generic brand because of the absorption quality.

Basically it is just the absorption quality and the fact that if patient change from absorica to generic brand, the difference will be the absorption quality, Am I on the right track?

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I was looking into this absorica brand, but my pharmancy didn't have any. Is it actually better than the generic Roche isorention cuz i'm a bit confused.

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