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Hey everyone,

Since i started treating my acne when i was in my early teens (now 16) my face has become more and more red. It's not red to the point where i can't go out or anything, but it doesn't help that i have pale skin hahah. I did use differin for 6+ months and i got off it. I've been through many different cleansers and moisturisers (garnier, dermaveen, cetaphil, olay, dove just to name a few) and none of them are amazing. I did notice however, every one of the moisturisers i used just make my face more red, even the ones that claim to be anti redness. They also make me look very dead and tired and give me dark spots under my eyes which make me look tired. Yesterday i just went back to cetaphil gentle cleanser, which i feel doesn't clean my face very well but doesnt make my face any more red. im also not using a moisturiser and my face doesnt feel overly dry. so my regimen is as follows:

morning: wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser

night: wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser

pretty basic huh hahah. anyone have any thoughts why moisturisers always screw me over? and any recommendations for a cleanser, moisturiser or even exfoliator? thanks everyone

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join dah club. although i do suffer from rosacea- i cannot under any circumstance use a moisturizer. My face will turn into an angry monster. The moisterizer i did use was cerave and also tried cetaphil but even those my skin cant tolerate. All i do is cleanse with cerave hydrating cleanser.... and thats it. I do apply finacea a little while after and tazorac just around my nose because i tend to just get breakouts in the little crevis of each nostral.

My derm even says im the most sensitive case he has ever had- anyways i get away with not moisterizing is that i dont dry out my face in the first place.

Happy skin

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Though rocasea is always a possiblilty only a dermentologist can really tell you if you have it or not. Alot of these redness relief products really don't help people who just have aggitated skin from OTC medications. You can always keep up a light cleanser forawhile to see if your redness improves. Also make sure you wear a sunscreen

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