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Owndoc Products?

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I have ordered products on multiple occasions from owndoc. I do not have any affiliation with the company, nor have I ever corresponded directly with Sarah Vaughter who runs owndoc. I think extremely highly of the site, and here's why:

- Everything that Sarah Vaughter writes is completely straightforward and clear. I believe that she takes a lot of pride in being a honest resource for needling and selling specific skin care products.

- She used to respond to every question that was asked, which, when you're running a business is extremely time consuming. Unfortunately, she no longer allows questions to be posted for this reason. But instead of just closing it and not allowing people to post, she went as far as giving people an explanation "This forum is read-only for the foreseeable future due to its overwhelming popularity and my poor health. I'm sorry I can't answer product questions by email either anymore - I was getting 50 emails a day." I've never heard of a business disclosing a true, honest answer about the things they do.

- The instructions given for needling are very comprehensive and easy to understand.

- The products don't have fancy packaging or fluff.

- Prices are great and products are quality.

- She ships to the U.S. and I get my packages within a week of ordering.

- No where online can I find a reliable, trustworthy source from which to purchase Retin-A.

-When I get my products, a note comes inside that says if I am missing anything to contact them, and gives their email address. If I did have a problem, this saves me from having to go online and finding the email address. It sounds like a trivial thing, but just making it that much easier for customers is something I appreciate.

- There was a product they were selling but then ran into legal issues with the distributor (I believe). I don't recall the entire story, but Sarah made it a point to put document it on the site. She did this to inform and apologize to customers why she no longer carried the product, and wanted to make people aware of the bogus/corrupt product the distributor gave her to sell.

- There is a thread going about people's negative opinions/experience with owndoc. I am a person who does a lot of research before I buy anything. If I had felt that this site was misleading in any way, or sold inferior products, I would never purchase from there. Sarah herself actually came onto this site to personally defend and justify every action she/her business has been accused of. Again, I do not know any business owner who would reply and continue to reply to accusations/questions in the way she did. She's a no nonsense person.

Most of this is my opinion, but, to answer your question, yes, I definitely recommend owndoc products.

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