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First post here so I guess I'll tell you a little about my self. I'm 18 in my first year of college, and have scared pretty badly considering I've had acne for only a few months. I've always had the occasional pimple like most people but for some reason the moment I hit college I started breaking out horribly (might not be as bad as I think but the rapid change has me aggravated). I'm assuming it's stress? Related however I don't feel stressed lol I've tried different products such as Proactive and Proactive plus, Nutrogena Oil Free Cleanser and they seem to control my acne pretty well but haven't really helped with the redness of my skin. I want to try the baby brush method but I'm unsure as to what cleanser to give it a try with. I haven't seen a dermatologist I made an appointment but sadly it's not until May and I can't stand seeing my skin like this much longer. I attached some pictures since the affected areas are my cheeks, hopefully anyone can offer some feedback on how severe it is and whether or not the marks will fade. Thanks in advance!13914287194_05195ba04f_m.jpg13890763736_c6a1251998_m.jpg

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The pictures are very small even when i click on them (is it just me)? It's impossible for me to tell if you have scarring or not unless i see bigger pictures.

But from what i can see you have a lot of hyper-pigmentation. This in itself often looks worse than scarring as it can be more noticeable at distances and in more types of light. The good news is that the redness will go away, at least for the most-part.

To be honest you're just going to have to give the redness time to go away. There are products out there that say they will make them fade faster, but the time difference would more than likely be very minimal.

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