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Closed Comedones And Retnoid

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Hi Guys, so I've been reading tons of forums about retin a and how it works but I figured I would write my own post and see if anyone else has similar acne. So in middle school, I had closed comedones all over my face! It was seriously so gross and nothing worked. I never went to a dermatologist but I've tried a lot of over the counter like proactive and clean & clear, etc. Anyway, my face cleared as I got older. I seriously had great skin. I never wore makeup and I always got compliments on my skin. One day I decided to try Rose Hip Seed Oil, just because of the rave and boy did I make a HUGE mistake. My face has now closed comedones ALL over it and I'm 26 years old. So I went to the dermatologist and he thought it was irritant contact dermatitis so he gave me cephalexin and steriods. That ended up not helping, so then he suggested it was adult acne and gave me epiduo samples. I took that for a week, and it cleared my skin a lot then all of a sudden my cc started to come back the next week! (total bummer) Anyway, now I'm using Retin a ( 0.025%) and it's been about a week and my face is breaking out even more, even in places where I never break out and it's very itchy. I called my dermatologist and he said that it's not common for a breakout to get worse while using Retin a but from what I read on here, it's very common so now I'm all sorts of confused. Anyway, I'm hoping someone had a similar situation and found a solution! Any help, I'll be grateful for.



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Any acne treatment needs to be given at least 3 months. You quit epiduo too early. Retinoids are unfortunately a bitch so you just have to go through the breakouts to see if its a good match

Keep Positive

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How about you try only using the retin a couple times a week.

I am 25 and suffer from closed comedones as well. The only thing that completely got rid of mine was bactrim(its an antibiotic) but they returned after I was done with my prescription.

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My daughter was prescribed Retin A by her dermatologist about 2 months ago and he also said there would not be an initial breakout, and he was right, her skin has cleared by about 80% after 2 months.

However, a couple of years ago she was on Epiduo and had a horrendous initial breakout that lasted 3 months but then her skin cleared considerably. She stopped after a year because her acne started coming back.

So what we have learned over the years is that different treatments/creams/gels work differently for different people and there is a lot of trial and error involved in finding what works for you (frustrating I know!). Make sure you have a good dermatologist who you trust and then you can rely on their instructions. It seems that you do have to give any new treatment about 3 months to see if it works or not.

Good luck.

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