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What Is The Lifetime Of A Pimple?

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I was just wondering if anyone knew roughly how long the average pimple should last?

So from the time in starts forming and you notice it, and then as gets bigger and forms a white-filled head, and then flattens.

How long is a healthy time for this process?

And at what point would you consider that pimple to have stuck around too long?

I know some people say that the longer is sticks around the more chance it has of forming an dented scar.


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honestly for me it varies, and surely it's different for everyone.

as for being active and really inflamed i'd say the usual pimple would take a couple of days (2-4).

as flattening goes, i find that if i squeeze or pick at my pimples they usually go away and flatten faster, but leave a darker,redder hyper pigmentation mark as punishment, if i don't, it usually takes a week or two for the bump to fully flatten, but again it depends on how big and where the pimple was...or sometimes just sheer luck i think.

i don't think time plays any role in deciding if a pimple will leave a scar of some sorts or not..at the end of the day, the main factor for how damaged the skin will be left are how deeply inflamed the area was.

people usually wanna get rid as fast as possible of their pimples, be it by picking or heavy topicals, but truth is they just risk inflaming and irritating the place more, which definitely contributes to the chance of scarring.

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As the previous poster suggested, it will vary. However, it will heal faster if you do not smoke and eat a well balanced diet. And don't pick at it or you raise the chances of getting an acne scar.

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