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Hey Forum

Im here to share my experience post accutane hairloss.

This is for the people stressed and frantically googling for help like i was.

I started accutane in 2012 may and took a dosage of average 40mg over 9 months, 2 months after the treatment i started shedding.

The shedding started slowly at first ranging from 5-10 frizzy hairs falling out, increasing to 50 in month 2-5 and at month 6 i started loosing close to 200.

Heres what ive observed

-The hairloss is all over, not just my scalp (those counted above are scalp) ive lost hair from legs,arms, eyebrows, pubic region and under my armpits

-The hairloss for me followed a diffuse pattern to a small degree, the rest was the same pattern as MPB (before you lecture me, there is no MPB for atleast 4 generations in both sides of my family).

- Increased testosterone did shedd me more, those of you body building, creatine increased my testo and thus increased my hair loss (both Mono,Pure and HCL creatines did this).

-Taking Flaxseed did nothing

-Masturbation increased oil and test thus hairloss, especially eye brow loss (not sure why,just what i observed).

-I started immediately with Biotin at 25mg, it did nothing, i bumped hard to 20 000mg a day about 5 months ago and it has helped the health of my hair and slightly decrease the rate of shedding i believe.

Heres the golden ticket:

For me there was heaps of dandruff and red inflammation (itchy scalp, the occasion zit in the hairline), my scalp was irritated, it got the the point where i would itch and loose 10 or so when i ran my hands through my hair.

Nizoral 2% is an anti dandruff shampoo, it solved the irritation instantly, as that happened my lose dropped from 200 to 10 a day.

In saying that i still loss hair today almost 2 years on, but its controled now.

Hope this helps.


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