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Tried To Get A Consultation For Subcision.

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Hello all.

This is a topic related to my previous topics in some ways, but i felt it needed it's own thread since it's a different matter.

Help for my scars (an idea of what my scars look like):

Why Do So Few Doctors Do Subcision?:

I went for a consultation to the only doctor i was able to find (so far) that does subcision in Ireland. He essentially told me that they were too shallow and superficial for subcision to be of any use. However I began to doubt his words when he told me to point out where i thought i had scars. He seemed to be having trouble even seeing my scars. I told him that you had to be in certain lighting situations to see them, i didn't really feel as if he had much experience with my kind of scarring at all. He told me that if i really wanted to do anything about them that i should go down the CO2 laser route, but that i shouldn't expect much of a difference.

Now I appreciate that he wasn't really pushing his services on me at all and that his words did give me a bit of a confidence boost. But i can't kid myself and say that these scars just aren't there. They are very visable in certain situations and I really would like to have something done about it.

Anybody else have similar problems with finding the right doctor? I really don't want to have to leave the country to get the procedure done, but it looks as if i may have to.

All insights/comments/help is appreciated.


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Hi Perigon

I have read your previous posts and I can honestly say that I think your skin looks wonderful. A person with flawless skin could analyse themselves under harsh lighting and even their skin could look a little less appealing than usual. For a Dr to say they cannot even see your scars - surely that is a sign that you judge your skin too harshly?

If you are really unsatisfied, I would advise that you do your research and have a few consultations with various Derms/Surgeons for a second opinion. Just remember though, not all doctors are as honest as the one you mention and may push you to go for invasive treatments that are not necessary in your case.

I conclude by saying I think you have lovely skin that I would be so proud to have :)

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I would def get a 2nd opinion...that doc seems a little off. I really think you'd benefit from subcision and filler. Not that your scars are bad but they are scars nonetheless and you should do something about them if you want to.

A lot of docs don't advertise subcision per se, so you might want to email a whack of derms and plastic surgeons to see what they say.

Good luck...you can get improvement!

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I once went to a nice derm who also tols me my skin looked great...huh??? I do have scarring and it bothers me too. Lighting plays a major role. You do have some deep rolling scars but overall nice skin tone so it doesnt look horrendous. Find another dr.

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if the dr says they arnt bad. they probably arnt bad at all. and your scars are only visable in certain situations? some of us have scars that are visable with any lighting and distance.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Off topic for a sec, is the multiquote tool not working? Every time i click multiquote it acts as if i just was to quote that one post.

@ The first 3 repliers - I felt that this doctor didn't have much experience with this type of scarring. My old derm used to have a special light to check for scarring so that it could be seen even in his soft lighting office. Unfortunately, subcision seems to be a rarity here in Ireland. Every derm and surgeon i've gone to so far has essentially told me that lasers are the only option that would do anything for me.

One of you is correct in saying lighting plays a huge role. Their shallowness means that they can't be seen really in most lighting sitiuations. Unfortunately though when i hit the wrong light i feel that they can look very bad.

@skullkid - I think that all types of scarring become at least almost invisible depending on the lighting.

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