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Hello everyone

I am a 17 year old male and my junior prom is coming up. The girl I asked is so beautiful and you guessed it...she said yes :) recently, my acne has seemed to be a lot better. For the past few weeks my breakouts (mainly on my cheeks and chin area) have been at a minimum. But within the past few days it seems like it is trying to make a comeback. My routine hasn't changed in the past few weeks either (wash face twice daily, use retin-a at night, and take two cephalexin per day) although I have been drinking a lot more water. I have also tried cutting out as much dairy from my diet as possible. I am wondering if there is any certain diet or remedy or something that I can do for the next two weeks, so I can go to prom lookin and feelin good :) thanks!!!

ALSO: I have a cyst on my right cheek that has recently decided to kind of get a little bumpier and a small little pimple has appeared right next to it. I put a tiny bit of cover up on it every morning and it hasn't been cover up-able recently. Could this be affected by how much water I drink?

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So, it sounds like you are doing everything right as far as keeping acne at bay. That being said, something that I recently stubbled upon that I believe has helped (1) reduce my acne and (2) dramatically reduce redness in "fresh" post acne scars (I am very fair skinned) and current acne is Walgreens' Alpha Hydroxy. It contains 8% of alpha hydroxy, which essential helps sloth of dead skin cells on the face. You can get at Walgreens for about $8.00. There is a lot of information out there on alpha hydroxy and I'd encourage you to do a little research and see if this product will work well for your situation and your acne regime. Have fun at prom and when it comes to girls, they really do just care about having a fun time with a guy who is always up for dancing. :)

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