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When Did Accutane Start Working For You?

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Hi! I've been on Accutane for 6 weeks and 1 day aka 1 month and 15 days and i'm starting to feel a little disheartened.

A majority of my acne has cleared but there are still some bumpy areas on my cheeks... Do you think that by 8 weeks it'll have worked its magic and i'll have no more active spots it's really upsetting i thought it would have worked fully by now haha

when did accutane work for you guys and how severe was your acne?

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Currently on accutane. Have been on for 4½ months.. Have been clear of active acne for 2-3 weeks, but now I 've just got a small breakout again. My face have lots of red marks, because they are pretty much not healing while being on accutane. You can check my log for pictures.

And for the 8 weeks: Hope for the best, but expect the worst =)

keep strong

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hey im around the same time as you too and im still not clear either :( its better though than it used to be but far from being clear. i asked my derm and he said i wouldnt be clear until like the 3rd month so i dont think we should be very worried. my acne was pretty severe too.

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Most people start to see some serious clearing around the end of month 3, but it varies a lot. Some clear up sooner, some later, but quite often the end of month 3 and beginning of month 4 are when you start to see serious improvement. I found this to be true for myself - I started to have consistent clarity around day 80-ish.

Hang in there! If you are already seeing some good results, then you are well on your way!

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I'm currently on Accutane. I'm almost at 3.5months. It got worse for the initial 4weeks. Then it got better for 2 weeks. Then a 'blip' where it decided to get worse again for another 2. Since about week 8 it has gradually and SLOWLY been improving. I haven't had any active spots in a month. I have a lot of red marks which just don't seem to go away. However, my skin feels so smooth so I know when I finish the course that's when the real improvement will be noticeable, when the redness gradually fades.

So to the OP: Hang in there! There were MANY times I thought it was never going to work...but just keep popping those pills!

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Yeap, I am in agreement with everyone else. You may clear up, then breakout, then clear up, then breakout several times before you clear up, but each breakout you have will be less and less severe compared to your first one. It is a slow and steady process.

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