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Vitamin C Powder - Real Treatment, Or 'diy' Joke?

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Has anyone used vitamin c topically to help treat scars/red marks? I read about it previously and I've been mixing small amounts of vitamin c powder and aloe vera gel and applying it to my face before bed. It usually leaves a stiff coat in the morning, which I exfoliate off and then moisturize with a little coconut oil.

I've done it 3 nights now. I always have to exfoliate some dead/dry skin in the morning, which is new - should I take that as a good thing? Has anyone else tried this?

I know there's a lot of stupid DIY stuff on the 'net, but do you think this is one?

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I've found pretty much every home remedy supporter has always mixed up the terms "scar" and "red marks." They seem to think they are the same thing. The DIY remedies usually work for red marks, even just exfoliation by itself will help with that. Apparently rubbing lemon on your face to lighten marks is actually a myth, but the others like vitamin C seem to work. They don't help with true, textured/indented scars though. It endlessly annoys me that there are all these false misconceptions around and people who actually suffer from real scars are getting the hopes up and wasting their time. There really should be more awareness of the difference between the terms - people throw them around so lightly like they are practically the same thing but they are in fact totally separate issues that require totally different treatments.

So in summary keep doing what you are doing and you will almost certainly see an improvement in red marks. The ONLY topical treatment I have ever heard to work even slightly for indented scars is Retin-A but I doubt it really works, I'm a very skeptical person. It couldn't hurt though.

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Hi, yeah, until recently I thought red marks were scars, also. I have some true scars but I'm mostly going after the red marks right now because the scars I have seem to be shallow, and are not super noticeable among the vast speckling of red and brown marks that cover the sides of my face. :/

Thanks for the suggestion of Retin-A for the indentations. I totally understand your skepticism. I rely heavily on DIY stuff and while part of that is because I don't like putting tons of weird unknown stuff on my face, a big part is probably due to me doubting anything will make a difference anyway, so I'm more comfortable using stuff I have at home than I am dropping $30 on some cream that probably will be ineffective (or make me break out, haha).

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i myself have used pure aloe vera gel from the plant in the backyard on my face overnight, i used jojoba oil to peel it off next morning. dont know if it helped, maybe i should get back to it

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Hi - So did the fit c power work? I am gonna start your regime from tonight (vit c powder and aloe vera gel) I have cystic/hormonal acne, I already use Manuka honey and a bunch of vitamins to try and achieve clear skin, its a slow process..Any of your info would help thanks..

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