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Is Extending My Accutane Course A Safer Way To Reach The Cumulative Dose?

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So the recommended cumulative dosage for Accutane is between 120-150mg / kg of body weight, and i'm currently taking 20mg per month. (It's been 3 months)

According to my calculations, I would need to take 20mg for 12 months in order to reach the recommended cumulative dose for my weight (54kg).

My Dermatologist is trying to convince my to raise my dosage to 40mg and take Accutane for 6-8 months instead.

My question is:

Does it matter when you reach the cumulative dosage? Would it affect my chances of relapsing if I took 12 months to reach the cumulative dose opposed to 6 months?

I would prefer to stay at 20mg as to avoid any harsh side effects, and my skin is clearing up steadily on this dosage. I am quite happy with it, but at the same time I don't want to risk a relapse at the end of all of this.

By the same token, wouldn't people who took a second course of Accutane only need to take a few months in their second course until they reach the cumulative dosage that they most likely didn't reach in their first course?

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Lol to your comment about the second course. Most people who take a second course don't do it because they didn't reach the cumulative dose. They do it because they did reach it and their acne came back anyway.

But in all seriousness - you will probably find a few people on here who think high doses are better, but there is actually very little research to support this. The most current research on dosing that I have seen implies that you might actually be better off doing it your way, because suppressing the sebaceous gland for longer may improve outcomes (i.e. hinder possible relapses). However, there is really not enough good research yet (IMO) to know if this is accurate. Longer term low dosing is a relatively new phenomena in many parts of the world.

If you are more comfortable with a lower daily dose, I think you should go for it. I will be surprised if there is anyone out there who can quote a study, or give any legitimate evidence that shows that higher daily dosing leads to improved outcomes.

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