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Dkr Could Use Some Advice Please!

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Hey guys! I am currently on my 4th week of the DKR. I have noticed significant clearing, but I am still breaking out. The worst thing right now is the dryness. My face is so dry it hurts and it is flakey, and my neck is horrible. I only moisturize my neck, but I guess the BP must migrate down, because it is sooo dry, cracked, red, and itchy. I started adding in Glycolic Acid every few nights in place of my moisturizer. I haven't been doing it long, but I haven't really noticed a decrease in the flakiness. Makeup is the absolute hardest thing. I end up looking super dry and flakey, and like I am 20 years older than what I am. Although I am not completely clear, I had considered maybe cutting back to once a day, maybe just until I can get through the dryness, and then go back to twice a day, but I am worried about a bad breakout. I tried finding a better moisturizer, because Jojoba oil causes me to breakout. I had been using the Simple Replenishing Rich moisturizer, and I tried the Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion. I had about 4 pimples pop up the day after I used it, so I am kind of worried that is what caused it. I'm just looking for some advice and insight or anything really!

Thank you!!

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I am sorry you have such a nasty reaction. Maybe the best is to use the bp only once a day, preferably at night. Also, you are probably in yuor purging phase, thats why you have pimples poping around, and it is not of the moisturizer to blame. You have to wait for some days, most people seem to pass through this stage.... PATIENCE!

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I agree, try cutting back to only using the bp at night for a week or so and see if that helps and then increase it gradually.

The rich moisturizer may be too thick (does it have oil in it?) but the Cetaphil one should be ok and not cause breakouts. You can mix 1/2 moisturizer and 1/2 glycolic acid and apply on your face. Maybe don't use the glycolic on your neck because the skin there is more sensitive. You are in the hardest stage of the Regimen so try and hang in there!

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Thanks for the encouragement guys!!! It really helps! The thing that concerned me about the cetaphil moisturizer is that it has oil in it... I know it is a no no, but I have used some non oil free stuff in the past, and I don't think it made my acne worse... but when you normally get new breakouts everyday, it is really hard to tell. I am thinking that what i might do, is skip tonight and in the morning, maybe just spot treat the active acne tonight, and then starting tomorrow night just applying the bp at night. I have been smothering my neck in moisturizer as much as I can, and today it actually looks the best it has in a while, so maybe things will start looking up. I have like 3 decent sized zits right now, aside from the handful of smaller less noticeable ones, and even though my face still looks better overall than it did a month ago, it is very discouraging. I'm praying that once I get through this hump though, things will be smooth sailing afterwards!

Thanks again! :)

Oh, and the Rich moisturizer doesn't contain oil in it, from what I can tell, but the cetaphil does have Macadamia Oil.

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Just wanting to get all the advice I can :)

So I ended up just spot treating last night and this morning OVER my moisturizer. My face is still dry, but definitely not as bad. I didn't use my cetaphil moisturizer, went back to the Simple one, and I didn't have any new breakouts this morning, just the ones that are healing from yesterday and the day before, so I definitely think that might have been the cause. Maybe when I get completely clear and have been for awhile, I will add it back in and see. At least it makes a great body moisturizer until then! :) I am kind of worried that since I somewhat strayed from the regimen, that I am going to pay for it with a breakout... Hopefully not!!!

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