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Help:)) Benzoyl Peroxide Is Not Absorbing Into Skin

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I don't understand what's happening? Everyone here says that Benzoyl Peroxide is causing their sking to become dry. But I'm not getting that effect at all. I put a fingertip amount all over my forehead before I sleep. When I wake up to wash my face with water, I feel all the grease from the benzoyl peroxide still on my skin, and I have to wash it off. It feels so greasy. I still see the residue of the product on me.

Why is it not absorbing into my skin and causing my skin to dry up like it's supposed to? I've been using it for two weeks already.

Please help:(

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Are you using the bp that you order with the Regimen or one that you bought yourself? Is it a cream or a gel?

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Do tell us mate.. Which product you have been using these two past weeks? Name it..

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It's called Clearex 5% Gel - it's just Benzoyl Peroxide - no funny stuff in the ingredient list. I checked.

I ordered the Regimen's BP, but I'm overseas now and won't get to use it for a while.

What do you all feel in the morning when you wake up after putting it on at night? Do you wash your face and feel the residue as well? Or does it completely sink into the skin overnight?

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It usually completely sinks in after about 15 minutes so not sure why you still feel yours on your face in the morning.

At night you need to make sure that you are using an oil free cleanser and then wait 15 minutes after you clean your face to apply the benzoyl peroxide.

Maybe your cleanser is too thick and creamy or it has oil in it?

Just an idea.

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I had been using it a lot before i tried Accutane, and as far as i remember my skin was dry in the spot which i had applied BP on so yeah it worked just fine for me.. Maybe you gotta try another product and see what's gonna happen mate! Keep us posted.

The gel that i used to apply is "Indoxyl" Try it , it's pretty strong and it helped me a lot for as long as i had been using it! It's expensive though..

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