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Leaking Patch Of Skin

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I had some dry skin, so naturally i peeled it off. The skin wasnt ready to peel, so the new skin is bright red and raw. It keeps leaking too. It has been leaking all day, i have tried holding tissue on it. i did this for 2 hours!

I have tried leaving it, but it just forms a huge huge bubble which drips.

What can i do. I dont want a huge scab tomorrow, I just want it gone.

It is flat atm, but leaking.

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Try leaving on some polysporin/neosporin on. Whenever I pick at a pimple and it ends up leaving an open wound, I just slab it on as much as I can and it usually heals within 2-3 days without scabbing.

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I agree with putting a dab of antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin and cover lightly with a small bandaid if you can. There are some little round ones that would work well for this situation.

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Ok i have put some on it...I always prefer dry healing but it doesnt seem to be working this time.

Hopefully it will stop leaking lymph soon.

Will keep this updated

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I have made a similar topic a couple weeks ago, what i did is applying aloe vera gel twice a day.. In just a week the entire dead skin was gone.. :)

Be sure that after get your NEW skin to moisturize it twice a day..

I have oily skin and iam using Effaclar mat moisturizer.. It is the best moisturizer for me and it Works perfect ! It doesh't make my skin dry and i dont get any oi

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I will put aloe on after the scab or during?

I hate it when this happens to my skin, the leaking yesterday was terrible :/

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Dont bother to scrub it.. Just put aloe vera for a week or so and during that week just exfoliate with sugar+water and then apply aloe vera after the exfoliation (Exfoliate 3 times a week)

How you exfoliate?

Wash ur face with ur cleanser to make sure that u are gonna exfoliate a clean skin

then dry your fingers(make sure that you have rinse some warm water to ur skin in order to open your pores, your skin needs to be wet to exfoliate properly)

Take sugar and make circular moves all over your face for 2 minutes or so

then rinse the sugar off your face by using warm water and then finish off with as cold water as u can take

Let your skin dry itself (naturally(dont use any towels or paper)

Once your skin is entirely dry apply your aloe vera gel

Lastly, Add the sugar exfoliation into your weekly routine! It's gonna help you a lot!

No worries dear.. The NEW skin is going to show up in zero time!

Hope it helps.. thats what I personally did and it really helped me to get rid of the bloody dead skin!

sorry for any mistakes., i aint native

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